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Barking Spider Electronics is a techno act formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1999. You can download our releases from this site - please feel free to share them, all music on this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Genetically Modified Artwork

Genetically Modified

Release date: 09-2000

  1. Sourflip mp3
  2. Attack mp3
  3. Cubic Expansion mp3
  4. Platter Of Violence mp3
  5. Military Grade mp3
  6. Collateral Damage mp3
  7. Gravel mp3
  8. Straight To Wok mp3
  9. Skeeb Dut mp3
  10. Trash Can Fanatic mp3
  11. Ringmaster mp3
  12. Rubber Gypsy Lover mp3

Download ZIP - 65Mb - 128kbps mp3s plus artwork

Sleep Is For The Week Artwork

Sleep Is For The Week

Release date: 2005

  1. The Way It Used To Be mp3
  2. Bluestripe mp3
  3. Control My Urges mp3
  4. High Rise Revolutionary mp3
  5. School Of Hard Knocks mp3
  6. Bullfrog Olympics mp3
  7. Pipe Dreams mp3
  8. Plas mp3
  9. Taking You To The Darkness mp3
  10. Shing Twy (Where's The Beef) mp3
  11. Taking You To The Darkness Part 2 mp3
  12. Lone Standing mp3

Download ZIP - 64.4Mb - 128kbps mp3s plus artwork

Property EP Artwork

Property EP

Release date: 12-2006

  1. Property mp3
  2. Put Up, Pent Up mp3
  3. Speak To The Freak mp3

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